Types of Crop with Yellow Flowers

Looking for beautiful yellow flower crops? We hear you, when planning your garden, there are a lot of choices to make. Do you need full-sun perennials, or perhaps you are more into planting some of the best annual flowers? Gardening needs commitments and is definitely serious business. It would help if you were willing to get your hands dirty, literally. If your garden is already a popping display of colors like pretty pink flowers to deep purple and reds, you are only missing yellow flowers to make that bold statement you are looking for. With many shades of yellow out there, it may be a little confusing knowing which flower crop to get. But don't panic; there's no right or wrong; whether you choose a little softer shade or a more vibrant hue, you can be certain your garden will be the envy of the block once you add different crop types with yellow flowers.

Crop with Yellow Flowers


This sunny, shade-tolerant flower does well in a variety of well-draining soils. Not only will it add a little something extra in the yellow department, but it also attracts butterflies. It does best in zones 5 to 8; in other words, super hot, humid climates will do this plant favors.

Yellow Bleeding Heart 20 Seeds - Corydalis Lutea - Shade

Yellow flowers cover the ferny blue-green mound over a long period in mid to late spring. In the garden, a mostly shady spot works best. Naturalizes well.

Types of Crop with Yellow Flowers: Yellow Bleeding Heart 20 Seeds - Corydalis Lutea - Shade


  • Brand: Hirt's Gardens
  • Expected Blooming Period: Spring
  • Expected Planting Period: Spring
  • USDA Hardiness Zone: 5, 6, 7
  • Number of Pieces: 20


Dahlias come in a host of different colors, and while they don't enjoy long, hot summers, they do like full sun and well-draining soil in more moderate climates. The variety of heights, forms, and hues found in this genus keep a monochrome palette interesting and provide much fodder for fabulous bouquets. Start with a simple daisy form like 'Baby Yellow' at the front of the border, where its early blooming nature will kick off the dahlia season.

Dahlia, Kelvin Floodlight

It doesn’t get sunnier than this! Lemon yellow dinner plate blooms, 8-10” across, will brighten any garden or flower arrangement with cheerful color. Stocky, 3-4’ plants with lush deep green foliage are easy to grow and will produce an abundance of blooms from late summer until the first frost.

Types of Crop with Yellow Flowers: Dahlia, Kelvin Floodlight


Irises come in several different varieties and hues, including a bright and bold yellow. Some varieties will thrive in zone 3-9. The perennial iris of all types—bearded iris, Dutch iris, crested iris, Siberian iris, Japanese iris; are available in cultivars with yellow blooms. Iris have pointed sword-like leaves, from which taller flower stalks emerge in early spring to early summer. Care needs differ widely depending on the type, but one common denominator is that all iris need soil that drains well. Even the moisture-loving forms do not do well when planted in dense soils with high clay content.

10 Yellow Iris Bulbs - Perennial Iris Bulbs Fragrant Bearded Iris Flowers

Add spectacular beauty to any home or garden. The Iris prefers full sun to partial shade. Irises are hardy, easy to grow plants with attractive foliage and spectacular flowers; good for every garden design.

Types of Crop with Yellow Flowers: 10 Yellow Iris Bulbs - Perennial Iris Bulbs Fragrant Bearded Iris Flowers


  • Brand: SET BEDDING
  • Color: Yellow
  • Expected Blooming Period: Summer, Spring
  • Sunlight Exposure: Full Sun, Partial Shade
  • Number of Pieces: 10


These full-sun lovers can grow up to 7 feet tall—so they're great to plant along a fence. Not only will they add a splash of color to your garden, but they also have a lovely scent.

Hollyhock, Giant Danish Mix

This is a rare old-fashioned perennial hollyhock. Try it along a fence or plant with Verbascum for a special look. A blend of rose, white, maroon, yellow, and pink, large 3-5" single flowers are produced abundantly on stalks 5-7 ft. high from July to September. Grows best in full sun.

Types of Crop with Yellow Flowers: Hollyhock, Country Romance Mix


This late-summer bloomer can reach two to six feet in height. It is often found growing along roadsides and riverbanks.

Outsidepride Solidago Goldenrod Herb & Flower Seed - 5000 Seeds

This perennial is easily propagated from Solidago flower seed. Solidago is one of the best wildflowers for late fall blooming and is very showy with large heads and flower clusters. Butterflies, hummingbirds, Goldfinches, and other small birds are attracted to Solidago and feed on its nectar and flower seeds. This versatile wildflower is commonly used as roadside plantings, providing wildlife with food and habitat.

Types of Crop with Yellow Flowers: Outsidepride Solidago Goldenrod Herb & Flower Seed - 5000 Seeds


  • Herbs, Flowers
  • Brand: Outsidepride
  • Color: Golden
  • Special Feature: Seeds
  • Item Weight: 0.01 Pounds


One of the easiest annuals to grow, marigolds thrive in full sunshine and do well in almost any soil type. This is a must of any garden if you want a color that will never stop.

African Marigold Seeds

In constant demand for its affordability and performance, with huge, early, carnation-type. It is ideal for background plantings and home garden cuts, as it blooms in a bright mix of orange, gold, and yellow. The flowers are chrysanthemum-like with a mass of bright-colored petals. And best of all, they keep blooming all summer long.

Types of Crop with Yellow Flowers: African Marigold Seeds


  • Annual; Grows 6-18 Inches
  • Bright ball-shaped flowers in yellow and orange
  • Great companion plant for vegetable gardens!
  • Prefers full sun exposure

Graham Thomas Rose

Graham Thomas Rose is one of the most widely grown yellow roses; it has a sweet scent and buttery hue.

Rose, Graham Thomas

Gorgeous Hall of Fame English rose with rich yellow cupped flowers, large bright green leaves, and dreamy tea rose scent. Flowers are a rich shade of yellow and appear in profusion. The versatile shrub grows to five feet. Heat resistant; good winter hardiness.

Types of Crop with Yellow Flowers: Rose, Graham Thomas


Widely known as billy button, these are a favorite for easy DIY flower arrangements, thanks to their long vase life.

Craspedia, Drumstick

Ever an attention-getter, ‘Drumstick’ brings brightness, texture, and quirky sci-fi beauty to the border. Singular variety brilliant golden-yellow 1" ball-like blooms atop long, strong stems make for amazing cut flowers with long vase life. Easy-growing compact plants add magic to a container or the front of the border.

Types of Crop with Yellow Flowers: Craspedia, Drumstick