Types of Brown Flowers

Looking to add some new colors to your garden? How about different shades of brown flowers! That's right, brown color flowers may be a little unusual, but they look fantastic nonetheless, plus did you know that brown means warmth and stability? Well, it does. .What better way to make your garden stand out from the rest with lovely brown flowers. Just in case you didn't know, brown blooms do exist in nature, and they are more appealing than what you may imagine. Now that you know the meaning of the color brown it is time to get to know different types of brown flower names to choose the best additions to your garden.

Popular Types of Brown Flowers


You've probably seen Dahlias in other colors, but the rarest Dahlia is the Brown Dahlia; also known by its botanical name, Dahlia Pinnata. Dahlia has dark-red plants and rusty bronze brown on their petals. Brown Dahlia has 3.5 inches flower size and approximately 54 inches for their height.

Flowering Tobacco

Known as Nicotiana spp for its botanical name is a very unique type of brown flower. They are found in the US, Australia, Southwest Africa, and also the South Pacific. And yes, it is used to produce tobacco products. Nicotiana spp has 1 to 5 feet tall. Nicotiana also a great plant to give a mid-summer boost since they bloom so nicely. Flowering Tobacco is found in many colors, however the most popular happens to be the brown flowering tobacco as it turns into dark brown-reddish color in time.

Angel Amber Kiss Pansy

This is a biennial plant, featuring golden-orange-brown color flowers from April- July. This pansy variety is a favorite for containers, path edging, and front lawn flower beds.

Oriental Poppy

Known as Papaver Orientale, ideal if you are looking to have fall colors in your garden. It had red-bronze petal but looks like brown at first glance.

Tropical Hibiscus

Found as Hibiscus rosa-Sinensis, is found in nature in a variety of colors like; gray, charcoal, and brown-bronze tones. Brown cultivars include ‘Creme de Cacao,’ ‘Pocahontas,’ and ‘Key Largo.’

Cattleya velutina

Found commonly in Brazil, this brown flower type presents brown-bronze petals with deep red or burgundy dots across the white lip, with golden throat and purple stripes.

Chocolate Orchid

Called Dendrobium johannis, offers a unique deep red-brown that also comes with a perk of sweet, chocolate smelling blooms.

Buying Different Types of Brown Flowers

Asiatic Lilies - Terracotta

Asiatic Lilies are popular due to the shape of their blooms. The main characteristic of Asiatic Lilies is that their blooms face upward from the center. If hydrated properly, our Asiatic Lilies can have a vase life of 8 to 12 days. These premium-class flowers are known for their long vase life time.

Types of Brown Flowers: Asiatic Lilies - Terracotta

Coffee Break Rose

Coffee Break is a gorgeous bi-color rose. It has dark orange petals with red edges. This rose is also popular for the the big size of its bloom. As the bloom opens, the combination of the colors creates an image o a darker and more elegant rose.

Types of Brown Flowers: Coffee Break Rose

Chocolate Brown Dahlia Flower

Chocolate Brown Dahlia Flower is a gorgeous bloom that displays dark brown petals with marsala and burgundy hues. A stunning globe-shaped flower that will catch all the attention in your bouquets or floral arrangements.

Types of Brown Flowers: Chocolate Brown Dahlia Flower

Chocolate Cymbidium

Cymbidium orchids are sought after because they provide that "wow factor" in any floral arrangement. A single orchid stem in a sleek glass vase, is all you need for a stunning and contemporary arrangement. These exotic orchids are grown in New Zealand at some of the most prestigious plantations in the world.

Types of Brown Flowers: Chocolate Cymbidium

Brown Dendrobium

These exotic brown with yellow spots orchids are grown in Europe and in Oriental Pacific Islands. We are proud to offer some of the World's most exquisite blooms at very competitive prices. Dendrobium orchids have flawless blooms that are smaller in size than the ones of Cymbidium orchids.

Types of Brown Flowers: Brown Dendrobium

Upright Bronze Amaranthus

Also known as Amaranth, Poinsettia, or Tampala. Upright amaranths flowers stand up around 10 inches and then flow to the ground from the stem. Commonly used in dried flower arrangements. Amaranths are commonly used for dried flower arrangements, beds and borders. Bronze Amaranthus is seasonal and only available in the Fall and early Winter months.

Types of Brown Flowers: Upright Bronze Amaranthus

Types of Brown Flowers Tips

  • Add about 5 inches of water to a clean vase.
  • Add flower food to the water. A spoon of vinegar or an aspirin tablet also works.
  • Whatever foliage there is below the water line should be removed. You may also remove any discolored petal.
  • Cut the end of the stem of the flowers diagonally. This helps for a better hydration.
  • Place the flowers on the prepared solution.
  • Leave the cellophane packing around the flowers for at least 5 hours so they can hydrate better.
  • Change the water every 3 days.


  • Do not let the roses receive direct sunlight, drafts or excessive heat.
  • Leave the roses in a warm area or spot if you want them to bloom.
  • Leave the roses in a cooler area if you want to slow down the opening process.
  • If a flower wilts or becomes limp, remove it from the arrangement. Then cut the bottom inch of the stem and place the flower into flower food solution for about an hour. It´s better if the water is warm.