Types of Black and White Flowers

Have you grown tired of seeing the same flowers in your garden day after day? Then it might be time for a change. If you are a flower lover looking for something elegant, graceful, and charming to add to your garden, consider the different types of black and white flowers. Today we'll be sharing a list of the types of black and white flowers, perfect for adding that touch of magic to any garden. Black and white flowers have a unique effect and can certainly take your garden to the next level. So, if you wish to see a difference in your garden, black and white flowers could be the right answer for you. With many different types of these rare combinations, it might be tricky knowing which type will work best, but do not panic. Learn below more about the different types and make your pick wisely.

Black and White Flowers FAQ's

What is the meaning of Black Flowers?

The rare black flower gives intrigue to the garden and symbolizes strength, mystery, and elegance.

What is the meaning of the White Flower?

White flower symbolizes purity, peace and displays the impression of heaven and holy feelings. Generally, people give white flowers as sincerity, honesty, openness, cleanliness, appreciation, or innocence. Giving someone a white flower symbolizes brightness in life and beauty.

Uses of White Flowers?

We see white flowers often used in marriage ceremonies and other parties. During a wedding, white flowers symbolize the perfection, innocence, and simplicity used by the bride.

Types of Black Flowers

Hellebore Flower

Hellebore is a rare flower with a deep purple color that appears very rare and is considered a poisonous flower. Hellebore can be planted in pots, enjoys full sun exposure, and you'll see it bloom in early spring.

Black Baccara Rose

The dramatic effect of the Baccara Rose makes it a sought-after plant in the market. This black flower isn't only a vision to enjoy, but it also offers a nice fragrance.

Black Petunia

The Black Petunia is relatively new; its nearly black shade results from a formula perfected by Horticulturists and made its grand entrance in 2010.

Bat Orchid

If you have a special connection to orchids, then chances are you will love this rare Bat orchid. Its shape, resemblance to a bat flying, and its color mounts to that impression. This orchid is also known as the 'Devil Flower' due to its scary form. You can also find it under the name Cat's Whiskers. Despite the names, this flower is believed to help fight some types of cancer.

Black Dahlia

Black Dahlias are breathtaking; they present a blackish-red and unique shade. It might be dark as the night, but at the same time, it is quite famous due to its elegance.

Types of White Flowers

White Calla Lily

This flower symbolizes extraordinary beauty and victory; it is easily recognizable due to the shape of a large trumpet. This type of white flower is also associated with purity and faith and is often linked to angels.

White Carnation

White Carnation is a perfect mix of simplicity and beauty. It can be found in three subtypes, a regular carnation with flowers at the end of the stem. Next, a short white carnation in the form of a bush with several flowers on one stem, and lastly, spray one with a small flower. White carnations are often spotted during festivities.

White Hydrangea

This is a popular white flower type among ornamental gardeners, as well as professional landscapers. Their large size and vibrant flowers combine to create impressive floral displays. These can quickly provide a fresh new look to your garden.

White Gerber Daisy Flower

This one offers a clear, pure, and pale white color to create the ultimate showing of inner peace within a casual sense that still holds a regal possession of beauty and poise to it. Suitable for any wedding or casual event.

White Tulips

This is often considered a symbol of warmth. Flowers that bloom this spring also symbolizes the beauty of new life. White tulips also stand for forgiveness.

Types of black & white flowers

Asian Pear Flowers

Their Botanical name is Pyrus pyrifolia ‘Shinseiki’, and they do well in full sun in moist, well-drained, and fertile soil. This pear tree provides lovely five-petal white flowers with black tips on the stamens.

Anemone De Caen ‘Carmel White’

This type of flower is a single white blossom with a prominent dark center. It does well in full sun and partial shade and can be grown in containers or garden beds.

‘Pantaloons’ Foxglove

The Digitalis purpurea ‘Pam’s split presents large white flowers with split sides. It flowers for many weeks in late spring or early summer, produces plenty of flowers than most foxgloves, and does well in partial sun to light shade.

Pansy Giant White Black Face

Expect to elevate your garden with this oval-shaped white petal which shows off a black face.

Oriental Poppy ‘Royal Wedding’

Show off your garden with this crepe papery, large, and cup-shaped white blossoms, dark eyes, and black blotches at the base. It blooms from late spring to early summer in full sun to light shade.

Popular Black and White Flowers

Outsidepride Black Pansy Flower Seed - 1000 Seeds

Pansies are reliable bloomers and require so little work. This Clear Crystals variety has a pure black color with no blotch. This colorful bloom makes a dramatic display! This variety also has increased hardiness so that it handles the weather better and gives longer-lasting color. They mix well with spring bulbs and are great for early color. They make nice cut flowers as well. For spring blooms, it is best to start the seed indoors in the late winter.

black & white flowers: Outsidepride Black Pansy Flower Seed - 1000 Seeds


  • Press the seed into the soil and lightly cover with peat moss. Darkness aids germination, so it is best to shade the starter tray. With a temperature of 65 - 70F, germination normally occurs within 21 days.
  • Harden off the seedling before planting outdoors.
  • Space the young plants outdoors 9 – 12 inches apart.
  • Grow in full sun to partial shade and in moist, well-drained soil.
  • Twelve weeks are needed from seed to blooming.
  • Deadheading encourages continuous blooms.

50 Black Petunia Ct per Package

Favorite for many home gardeners, lawn and patio decorations. The package contains 50 Black Petunia Seeds Containers Hanging Baskets Flowers Annual Seed Bloom.

50 Black Petunia Ct per Package

20+ White Anemone Flower Seeds / Perennial

Easy to grow from seed. Perennial zones 4 - 8. Grows 18 inches tall. Full sun or part shade. It can be started indoors in winter to be transplanted outdoors in spring. Or can be sown directly into the ground in spring, summer, or fall.

black & white flowers: 20+ White Anemone Flower Seeds / Perennial

35+ Poppy Royal Wedding / Papaver / Orientale Flower

Oriental Poppies provide a cheerful display of huge, satiny flowers in late spring and early summer. Plants form a low clump of coarse, hairy leaves and usually go dormant, disappearing completely by late summer.

black & white flowers: 35+ Poppy Royal Wedding / Papaver / Orientale Flower