Best Gardening Gloves

In the search for the best gardening gloves? We hear you. If you are an avid gardener, then you know the right gear is a must, and part of that special gardening equipment includes, of course, gardening gloves. Gardening is tough work; you certainly need to be willing to get down and dirty literally. However, it doesn't mean your hands should suffer. To protect them, gardening gloves are a necessity. The best gardening gloves are made with various features, including waterproofing, added grip and cushioning, etc. So if you want to take your garden and your gardening skills to the next level, you need to get the best gardening gloves. It is totally understandable if, at first, you feel at a loss. With all the features, designs, and materials it can be complex. We've come up with a list of some of the best gardening gloves available.

Gardening Gloves FAQ's

How to choose between light, medium, or heavy-duty gloves?

It all depends on what you intend to do with the gloves and the type of work you'll be doing around your garden. Light duty gloves will keep your hands clean during low-intensity jobs and enable dexterity when seed sowing and undertaking other light, everyday tasks. Medium duty gloves work well for potting, pruning, and working in soil. Heavy-duty gloves will protect your hands during tougher jobs, including landscaping.

What type of materials are gardening gloves made of?

You can expect gloves to be made of leather, bamboo, latex, and nylon. Bamboo fiber is one of the more environmentally-friendly options and is typically soft, close-fitting, and flexible. Latex and leather are both tear-resistant and are often used to improve grip.

Is padding important?

Extra padding or cushioning can also be helpful. Keep an ere for padding on knuckles, fingertips, wrists, and palms for increased protection when taking on manual tasks.

What other features should the best gardening gloves have?

In addition to padding, you want your gloves to have elasticated cuffs, as these will provide a snug fit, prevent soil and plant debris from falling in and are easy to get on and off.

Best Gardening gloves

Heavy Duty Goatskin Leather Gardening Work Gloves for Men and Women

Work gloves are useful for lifting heavy objects, household cleaning tasks, construction work, gardening, etc. The thick, puncture-resistant leather helps protect the hands from cuts, irritants, and other hazards. Exemplary Gardens Leather Work Gloves are made out of premium quality goatskin leather. The elasticized wrists give the gloves a snug fit, which helps keep dirt from going into the gloves.

 Gardening Gloves: Heavy Duty Goatskin Leather Gardening Work Gloves for Men and Women


  • 100% natural premium goatskin leather
  • Elasticized wrist
  • Buttery soft texture
  • Ergonomically designed to grip objects

MSUPSAV Gardening Gloves for Women and Men

These essential garden gloves feature extra-long cuffs to protect your arms from light scratches, insect bites, and sun exposure. The palms are made from synthetic leather with reinforced thumb and pointer finger, while lightweight cotton twill arms have a touch of spandex for extra flexibility.

 Gardening Gloves: Heirloom Garden Arm Saver Gloves


  • Stylish floral gauntlet
  • Suede-finished leather
  • Reinforced thumbs and pointer fingers

Women's Gardening Gauntlet Gloves

These exclusive Gauntlet Gloves are soft on the inside, rugged on the outside. Best-selling goatskin gloves with pigskin gauntlets resist abrasions and punctures, protect wrists from scratches, and are padded on the palms to prevent blisters and soreness because gardening shouldn't be a pain!

 Gardening Gloves: Women's Gardening Gauntlet Gloves


  • Constructed of durable and prick-proof leather
  • Supple goatskin gloves feel soft on the inside yet rugged outside
  • Extra-long pigskin gauntlet cuffs shield forearms from thorns, wire, and abrasive brush
  • Heavy-duty stitching throughout
  • Padded palms for extra comfort and protection
  • Hand wash, lay flat to dry

RHS gold leaf dry touch gloves - men/ladies

Made from soft, pliable deerskin leather, these Dry-Touch gloves will help your garden in warmth, comfort, and style. The gloves are cozy, and snug with a soft fleece lining, and the strong, supple leather makes them flexible enough for everyday use without compromising on toughness. The gloves are ideal for potting, weeding, and light pruning.

 Gardening Gloves:


  • High-quality leather
  • Water-resistant
  • Dry Touch gloves
  • Soft fleece lining

Clip Gloves Ladies General Purpose Gardening Medium Duty Keep Hands Dry

The synthetic leather palm provides durability and protection. Reinforced fingertips for added protection. Lightweight Spandex back provides day-long comfort and flexibility. Hook and loop wrist strap to provide the perfect fit. Ideal for general dry garden jobs. Clip Gloves medium-duty collection gloves have many features to make longer gardening tasks safer and more comfortable.

 Gardening Gloves:


  • Synthetic leather palm
  • Hook and loop wrist strap
  • Reinforced fingertips
  • Lightweight Spandex back
  • Comfort and flexibility

Ansell Hyflex 11-600 Work Gloves for Men and Women

The HyFlex 11-600 is lightweight, reusable gloves featuring a stretch nylon liner and polyurethane coating that offer comfort and tactile sensitivity for the exact handling of the small object. The gloves are ideal for general material handling, carpentry, drywall handling, and assembly work needing tactility.

 Gardening Gloves: Ansell Hyflex 11-600 Work Gloves for Men and Women


  • Chemical & Liquid Protection
  • Mechanical Gloves & Sleeves
  • Disposable Gloves
  • Abrasion protection ANSI 3 and Cut resistance ANSI A1, added to a finger-dipped style, will be optimal for works in dry environments as warehouses or for DIY jobs.

SKYDEER Women Working Gloves with Deerskin Leather Suede for Gardening

Double Foam Padded Palm Patch and Buttersoft Hands Feeling - Deerskin Leather Palm is soft, breathable, protects your hands from impact, abrasion when mowing lawns and pruning flowers doing housework, fishing, gardening, and more outdoor work. It also provides extra grip and durability. Compared to other similar items in the market, this glove is more wearable, more comfortable, and more reliable.

Gardening Gloves: SKYDEER Women Working Gloves with Deerskin Leather Suede for Gardening


  • Premium Genuine Deerskin Leather Suede
  • Double Foam Padded Palm Patch
  • Best Flexibility and Waterproof Back
  • Elastic Wrist Design

G & F Products 1852-3 Women Soft Jersey Garden Gloves

100-Percent Cotton soft jersey garden gloves; flower print with the knit wrist to keep dirt out with PVC dots for extra grip.

Gardening Gloves: G & F Products 1852-3 Women Soft Jersey Garden Gloves


  • 100-Percent cotton soft Jersey
  • Made of 100 percent cotton
  • Assorted jersey gloves
  • Flowers print with knit wrist
  • PVC dots on palms

Women's Patterned Gardening Gloves

Clear spring beds and weed prickly characters without fear of abrasion thanks to these polyurethane-coated poly knit gloves that go the extra mile to keep hands protected.The lightweight, breathable knit means you won’t suffer sweat build-up.

Gardening Gloves: Women's Patterned Gardening Gloves


  • Lightweight and breathable
  • Extra-tough polyurethane coating on palms
  • Colorful, hi-vis designs mean you can find them easily

Fingerless Gloves with Gripper Dots

Our plain knit fingerless gloves are perfect when your hand needs protection, but dexterity with your fingers is essential.

Gardening Gloves: Fingerless Gloves with Gripper Dots


  • Fingerless makes them perfect for planting seeds